Day in, Day out in the best shape

Professional clothing often has to cope with all sorts. Especially hard-wearing and resilient fabrics are required which have evolved concurrently with the demands of daily working life. Therefore CG International only uses the most modern textiles and first class ingredients which are carefully chosen and controlled and which have really proved themselves in long-running tests. This way we ensure the outstanding durability of your workwear in its environment day in, day out.

Polyester is one of the most important …

… and one of the most frequently used fibres. With its positive characteristics it is the ideal basis for high demands in professional clothing. Polyester fibres are tear-resistant and resilient to abrasion as well as to light and weather. Its high stability ensures an above-average durability. At CG Workwear and CG Fashion polyester is combined with cotton so that the advantages of both materials are complemented and enhanced. The blend fabric is crease-resistant, keeps its shape, and is colourfast, robust and very easy to care for.

The longest life expectancy for textiles …

… is promised by the unique stretch fibre Elastolefin It is resistant to heat and chemicals. Textiles with Elastolefin convince with their exceptional wear and care characteristics. They have a skin-cooling effect, are comfortable and pleasant to the touch, and are washable at 95°C and non-iron. Even with frequent washing and drying the shape remains perfect and the elasticity unimpaired.

Durability is also …

… a question of the right dyeing. With indanthrene dyes the dyed fibres possess exceptional stability against washing, boiling, light, weather and chlorine. In modern professional clothing this treatment is therefore the first choice when it comes to maximum durability.

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