»For us, sustainability means conscientiously manufactured, durable quality goods.«

At CG, sustainable quality begins with the selection of partners, suppliers and materials. From fabrics to buttons and yarns, only high-quality materials produced in Germany or Europe are used. They are specially adapted to the requirements of working clothes. Not only in terms of daily use, but also in terms of the necessary frequent washing cycles or industrial laundry.

High quality standards are ensured as our products are “Made in Germany” through careful and first-class processing in our own production facility or “Made in Europe” by our partners. This quality of the materials and production form the basis for the extraordinary durability of our collections. This optimises the life cycle of the clothing, minimises its wear and tear, and thus makes a considerable contribution to resource conservation.

Why it is sustainable to produce in Germany or Europe

Proximity to our production partners has many advantages, a lot of which have something to do with sustainability. For one thing, you have the short distances and transport routes throughout the entire supply chain. Both the delivery of the raw materials and the delivery of the finished collections to our warehouse near Dresden take place within Europe.

Our own production facility is directly connected to our warehouse. This reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions to a minimum. Due to the strict regulations at our production sites, compliance with environmental protection and social standards is a matter of course in the production of our collections. Nevertheless, we value transparency and ensure that our partners operate in accordance with the guidelines and ideally are certified accordingly. The physical proximity makes it easy for us to convince ourselves again and again on site.

Made in Germany made in Europe

Why it sometimes takes a little longer and is therefore good for our environment

Everyone has seen the pictures of mass textile production and the mountains of clothes that await to be silently destroyed somewhere after each season. To avoid this type of waste of resources, we limit our stock to reasonable quantities and common models. Since we can work very flexibly with our production facilities, we manufacture numerous items, mainly in special colours or as customised production runs, exactly according to customer requirements.

Wherever possible, we avoid having surplus stock. In this way, we avoid the use of energy and raw materials to produce goods which then have to be disposed of with further expense and environmentally damaging measures.

For you as our customer, this means that not every item is available at the push of a button and sometimes it can take a little longer, for good reason, for sustainably produced clothing to find its way to you.

GreeNature – the sustainable collection for service and kitchen staff

Even if the durability and service life of working clothes requires certain material properties, it is quite possible to use sustainable fabric.

The new GreeNature collection is made of recycled polyester, which is comminuted and spun into polyester yarn. Plastic, such as used PET bottles, which would otherwise pollute the environment, is recycled here.

Together with organic cotton, the recycled polyester yarn is processed into a high-quality fabric. It combines sustainability and protecting the environment with the standards for professional workwear.


% water


% energy


% CO2


PET bottles

Plastic from recycling containers and used PET bottles is broken down, spun into polyester yarn and worked into  a fabric with organic cotton.
At CG, the material comes back into circulation as the GreeNature collection.
It combines sustainability and protecting the environment
with high standards for professional workwear.