Customised workwear for more identity

Show who you are! Clothing is an expression of our personality. The more customised the clothing, the more unique and distinctive we are seen as. This applies to individuals as well as to your company and your team’s clothing.

With customised workwear, you make your company identity visible and remain in your guests’ memory for a long time to come.

There are numerous ways to customise your team clothing. This ranges from individual articles, such as aprons, to complete clothing concepts that are perfectly tailored and colour coordinated to your establishment’s look.


Custom-made aprons. You have the ideas – we implement them

Aprons are our main expertise, be it in terms of the range of colours, designs and even custom-made products according to customer requirements. You can get your customised apron from CG Workwear with an order for just 30 units.

Match your style to your establishment’s corporate image. Choose from 35 colours and combine them however you want. Stripes, inserts, piping, pockets and fastenings can be used to create a distinctive look. And it is also possible to define the apron’s measurements yourself. This results in countless customised variations.

Corporate Couture. Customisation from 1 unit

You create a unique look for your team using finishes and colour combinations of your choice. The range includes aprons, jackets, chef’s jackets, polo shirts and tunics. These items of clothing, which are initially available as standard, are adapted to your concept through design and colour accents. An ingenious way to give your employees customised outfits in every area, from service to the kitchen, housekeeping and the spa. Each item can be refined from as little as 1 unit, so even smaller companies can implement their corporate couture.

How it works:

  • Choose the articles you want, depending on the area of work
  • Select a base colour for your collection
  • Define the right accent colour for piping and collars for your establishment. 35 shades are available
  • Finish the articles with a high-quality logo embroidery
  • Combine the customised items with trousers, blouses, shirts and accessories into your corporate couture concept

Customised. Tailored production

We offer maximum exclusivity and sustainability with the possibility to manufacture workwear exactly according to your ideas. We can rely on our efficient partners and production facilities in Germany and Europe to implement this. Together with our expertise in textiles, we produce high-quality and absolutely unique articles that you will not find anywhere else. The customised production is extremely sustainable, because it avoids unnecessary storage quantities, and saves on raw materials and energy. Of course, customisation is tied to certain minimum quantities and certainly not the appropriate solution for every requirement. Just contact us, we will be happy to discuss the most sensible way to implement what you want.