Clothing concept as a success factor

At CG International, we see catering clothing in a holistic way. Even if you only equip one or two areas of your establishment, for example service and the kitchen, there is already a clothing concept behind it. As we offer you a range where all the items are coordinated and can be combined with each other.


Your clothing concept expresses your identity

As the name suggests, our holistic clothing concept turns many individual pieces into a harmonious whole. Your guests can immediately identify each employee throughout the establishment as part of the team. For example the service staff’s apron matches perfectly with the chef’s jacket and tunic in housekeeping. With up to 35 colours, this creates a unified image that reflects the character of your corporate brand. This impression is rounded off by a whole range of matching accessories and high-quality logo embroidery.

Is a clothing concept really important?

A successful business tells its own story, which is expressed in a wide variety of areas. Sometimes it is the small gestures and details that are particularly appreciated by the guests.
This includes how the employees are dressed. Can you see that someone has taken their time and gone to the trouble? Is the first impression harmonious, tidy and smart? Does the clothing match the establishment’s identity, ambience and charm?

The matching clothing concept is therefore an important building block for a positive perception and thus a success factor:

The establishment clearly expresses its individual corporate and brand identity.

The employees feel seen, valued and as an important part of a whole.

The guests experience an authentic overall concept that they remember for a long time.

The holistic clothing concept at a glance

A uniform look and feel

All items of clothing look like they were made together and are immediately recognisable as part of a uniform concept. Whichever item you are using, everything coordinates perfectly: same colours – same materials – same care requirements – same comfort

For all departments

The range offers catering and hotel clothing for all areas, from the kitchen to reception, service, housekeeping or spa.

Repurchase guarantee

We think long term. If you need to hire new employees or if you need to replace an item, you can reorder at any time. You will receive a five-year repurchase guarantee at least.


You decide what your concept looks like. Our range adapts flexibly to whatever you want. Standard, customised, a mix of these or a completely tailored clothing concept – everything is possible.

You can find out more about customised catering clothing here.

Full Service

As textile professionals, we are happy to assist you with advice and assistance. We present the range to you on site, check your requirements, develop initial ideas together with you, provide samples to try on and for washing tests, and develop your clothing concept step by step. We are personally there for you at every stage. And after the purchase we will support you whenever you need our assistance.