Press article of 15 march, 2012

15 March 2012

One Apron – two models

Transform with a few simple movements

A day’s work in catering can feature the most diverse demands. Not only for staff, but also for their work clothing. The elegant bistro apron is perfect for service, but at the bar a bib apron would probably be more practical.

Why not simply have both in one? That is precisely what the apron specialists at CG Workwear thought and they have transformed a really innovative idea into the very modern “Imola 2in1”. Multifunctionality defines the design of this apron. Thus Imola is extremely versatile. A few simple movements suffice for a rapid transformation.

As a bistro apron, the bib is folded away out of sight. If the bib is needed, it can simply be unfolded. The halter is fitted with a Velcro fastening and can be individually adjusted. The clothing is then well protected from splashes and stains.

CG Workwear places great value during the design phase on practical details and in parallel on fashionable details. Four multifunctional patch pockets provide ample storage space and room for work aids. Notepad, pencils, purse, waiting cutlery. They have diagonal openings, so that the utensils are easily to hand.

The broad waistband with its two belt loops offers further possibilities for fastening. It is closed using a Velcro fastening and together with the conical cut ensures an impeccable fit.

This fashion apron is, like all other CG Workwear models, washable at 95°C, crease-resistant, colourfast as well as suitable for industrial laundering and finishing..


CG International